Trynd, LLC - Web Site Development, Mobile Development, Graphic Design

A couple of geeks that make cool stuff.

We travel the countryside working remotely to develop websites, mobile applications, and graphic designs.

Michael Spencer - Co-Owner, Software Developer


Michael’s a software engineer with 20 years of experience and a life-long enthusiast of all things complex—”he knows Kung Fu.”


Valerie Spencer CO-OWNER • CREATIVE

Valerie specializes in graphic design / web development. Fluent in all aspects of running an online business, she turns impossible projects into attainable realities.

Valerie Spencer - Co-owner, Graphic Designer

What We Do

  • Full-Stack Development
  • iOS Mobile Applications
  • Win / Mac / Linux Development
  • Website Development
  • Logos & Identity Branding
  • Marketing Materials
  • Book & eBook Design
  • Hand-drawn Lettering
  • Illustration & Infographics
  • Social Graphics & Branding
  • WordPress Installation
  • WordPress Optimization
  • WooCommerce Customization
  • Genesis WordPress Framework
  • Custom WordPress Plugins

What We're Doing

Good Deal

Shopping List & Price Tracker

Rolling Budget

Personal Budget App for iOS

Tiny Kitchen Cuisine

How to Cook in a Tiny Kitchen


The Path Lightly Trodden


Coming Soon

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